Anat Peri


I help growth seekers dissolve fear & limiting beliefs, unlock potential, & maximize their performance.

Be Bold

Be Brave

Be Loving to Yourself and Others

“Your big dreams can be your reality. Unlimited health, wealth and happiness is within your reach and it’s about time you learned how to create it.”


I bring 16 years of experience and practical wisdom through my free virtual support calls and life-changing 90-day program that has allows my clients to:

  • Release perfectionism
  • Replace self-doubt with confidence
  • Reduce busyness and stress
  • Increase clarity, easier decision making
  • Improve relationships


Listen to the many podcasts I’ve been featured on where I share 10 years of wisdom on how to overcome self sabotage and fear of failure so you can take action that leads to success and fulfillment.

“Understanding your body sensations will transform your life”

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I bring my magnetic confidence, catalyzing energy, and an undeniably powerful presence to deliver tailored transformative messages to your audience.

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