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Investigating Emotional Resiliency with Anat Peri


I was introduced to Anat by a good friend. He recommended that I connect with her on my podcast because of her expertise and knowledge in life transformation and self-discovery. I was blown away by Anat and her incredible insight + process on unlearning rules that were impressed upon us throughout life. Our conversation was extremely eye-opening + fun! Anat is an amazing person and I’m thankful that our paths crossed.

– Jeff Thornton , Barbell Shrugged

“Anat Peri is a beautiful soul that has the knowledge and ability to help people transform, heal and grow as spiritual beings. She has a wide variety of expertise and experience that makes for enlightening and empowering conversations”

– Matt Belair, Master Mind, Body and Spirit 

“Anat is a powerful and present podcast guest with incredible knowledge to share. She not only has the emotional intelligence and speaking charisma to hold a compelling conversation, but she is also a woman who has done the deep inner work that shines through her story and voice. Thank you Anat for bringing such timeless wisdom to Wellness Force.”

– Josh Trent, Wellness Force Media

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