How to work with Anat

Anat offers two ways to work with her and dive deep into your goals. See the two options below for more details.

90-Day Virtual Program | Support Calls

90-Day Virtual Program

Training Camp for the Soul

Confront the Past, Accelerate your Growth

We all hit the same ceiling at some point:

We grow up learning beliefs, behaviors and habits that are so ‘normal’ that we don’t know they’re there. Many of them help us – but some of them keep us trapped in a life we don’t love. 

If you’re not absolutely in love with your life (and yourself, your body, your spouse, your career…) then you probably have ‘old programs’ running the show

Details on the Journey

My Vision

My vision is to see men and women experiencing freedom, full self expression, and ease in their life. Taking action could be enjoyable and inspiring. Connecting with others could feel safe and deep. Their potential could be limitless.  And this work is what will get them there.

  • As a transformational life coach, it is my mission to help you create both fulfillment and success in any area of your life.
  • I am both a highly intuitive and exceptionally skilled coach that will help you to transcend fear and eliminate ineffective limiting beliefs and habits.
  • I am a catalyst to unlocking your potential, maximizing your performance.
  • I am a guide that helps you to create a fulfilled life that is aligned with your authentic self

What People Are Saying about TCS

I came into TCS with the fear of becoming a father. I’m leaving the program knowing who I am, what I am capable of, with love for myself, love for others. More love for my mother and father, understanding and accepting their traumas and limiting beliefs. I am being the husband and I will be the father that my soul knows I can be.


I used to have intolerable frustration and pain at all times, in pattern and stories, constant misunderstanding in my relationships. Everyone in my family was always on edge knowing I was an emotional minefield. Now, I have peace. I recognize reactions and stories and share them honestly with my partner. I am much more clear in my mind. I have been making more progress in my work and family than ever before. I am positioning myself in the power position, the catalyst for change in my relationships. I have not had “unworthiness freak outs” and have been reaching out to people without the fear and intimidation I previously felt. I see the power I have and what I have to offer the world.


I often felt numb before. Wondering why I couldn’t cry or mourn when something sad happened in my life, like when my grandmother passed away, who I loved very much. Now there have been moments in my life where I am overwhelmed with love for my wife and kids during routine parts of our day. It feels good to feel.


Before: I wreaked havoc on myself and expected perfection. I beat myself up a lot and used a ton of negative self-talk. I expected the worst from people. I was guarded and suspicious. After: I am trusting the process and giving myself grace. I speak kind words to myself and others (and mean it!) I notice and witness when I am triggered and get curious about it. And mostly, I have so much forgiveness for myself and for others.


Free Support Call

Wondering what this work looks and feels like, but not ready to invest in our full program?  Click this link to find out more about our support calls and get the support you need in our next available call. Come as you are, we welcome everyone.

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