Hi, I’m Anat and I spent my life hiding and shrinking myself.


How I lived my life was that everything was good, everything was great.

I came off confident, strong, and intense,

but I was covering up how I really felt…

Alone, anxious and insecure 

For years, being with myself and my emotions was the last place I wanted to be.  It felt hollow, unsafe and I became dependent on others to fill that space. I constantly shrunk myself to please others and that spiraled into scarcity, anxiety and overwhelm. All while giving off the persona that everything is good, everything is great.

I had all this knowledge and awareness, but after 8 years of mindset tools and positivity work, I realized I had only been trimming the weeds. My life was still a mess. I was in a 5 year codependent relationship, 40k in debt, no self love or self respect and felt completely lost in my career.

I was slowly falling into a depression, because I was so misaligned. The life I was living was not a happy one. 

I was waiting and wanting to be saved, when I finally realized the necessary truth.

No one can save me but myself

It was a scary transition to leave NYC, the job, the relationship and move across the country to San Diego with $2000 to my name, but I chose to follow my heart’s desire. 

And this is good news….

YOU don’t have to wait.


When you realize you have the power to save yourself, you start choosing you

You choose to take the leap into the unknown 

You choose to finally do what your heart desires

You choose to do the deep trauma healing work with great mentors

You choose to love yourself

Fast forward to today…

I am married to an incredible loving man who adores, respects and continues to create a safe space for me to open my heart and be vulnerable.

I have learned how to love myself deeply, take care of my own needs and set boundaries.

I have directly impacted hundreds of lives through Training Camp for the Soul. Literally marriages, books, businesses, fulfilling lives, and babies have all been created by my clients…


Imagine the ripple effect of you choosing you!

My heartfelt invitation to you, for you, and for the sake of humanity…

When you CHOOSE YOU, it may be scary, it may be challenging, it may be painful to face the parts of you that you’ve rejected and heal your past experiences that have held you back

When you CHOOSE YOU, you are giving yourself access to the freedom, power and deeper connection that you crave, ultimately allowing you to live the life you desire. 

…THIS is necessary, because you are a part of the whole, your life matters, and it will create a positive ripple effect in the world.

What Clients Are Saying… 

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It catapulted me into true inner work that I continue today and it connected me with an amazing community of supportive and wonderful people

Julia Blackwell

I describe TCS as a once in a lifetime experience. It was the hardest thing for me to commit to and start (I had a hard time believing I was worth the financial investment) but it was THE most rewarding experience of my life. Sara and I lovingly refer to TCS as “feelings class”. TCS taught us how to better communicate with each other, express our wants and needs and to truly understand the difference between feeling “unsafe” and “safe” in our bodies.

Ashley Riek

I often felt numb before. Wondering why I couldn’t cry or mourn when something sad happened in my life, like when my grandmother passed away, who I loved very much. Now there have been moments in my life where I am overwhelmed with love for my wife and kids during routine parts of our day. It feels good to feel.

Andrew Frezza

Training Camp for the Soul was a major catalyst in healing a serious patterns than kept me in chaos in many areas of my life, specifically in my business. I can now say that one year later, I’m operating my business successfully, I have a full list of happy clients, and I’m so excited for my future. I no longer experience chaos, I experience a peace that had led me to so much possibility and open doors. Thank you Anat!”

 Lauren Nicole Peters

TCS gets to the ROOT. I’ve don’t a lot of work and have become aware of my trauma. I know it. I know it exists but I continued to live with it and in it. With TCS I learned how to truly tap into that trauma and unlock it from the inside out.

Mallory Jax

Meet the Team


Admin/Web Design/Client Liason

Working for a company that I believe in has changed my life. I am so grateful for the work we do and being a part of it. On my off time I travel, surf, and explore. I love experience new things and cultures.


Master Coach

Meet our Master Coach Jamie Clark. Hailing from Fairfax, Virginia originally, Jamie is an improv teacher, a transformational coach and a Human Design reader. She’s currently traveling the US in a camper van exploring as many National Parks as she can, and has a passion for helping people get over whatever it is they’re afraid of so they can start living with more joy and ease.

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